Weihnachtsgrüße von Goethe und Kay

E-Mail von Kay:
Goethe laesst dich auch ganz herzlich gruessen ! » Weiterlesen

Goethe feiert Neujahr

E-Mail von Kay:
Goethe geht es auch ganz gut. Er laesst dich gaaaaaaaaaaaanz herzlich grueussen ! :) » Weiterlesen

20.-21.06.2009 | Meeting in Jena

Unfortunately, only four of us came together in the end. » Weiterlesen

24.10.2008 | Reunion in Ravensbrück

After 17 young explorers Japan equipped with camera,
Survival skills à la Japanese “Hai, Arigato gozaimaaaaas” and the extra bit of curiosity about the great journey, the home of sushi, samurai, Sakura, and last but not least, Takeshi’s Castle to explore and a very pleasant meadow to find out that the nickname “Land of the Rising Sun “Not only with the real sun has to do, was now on 24 October finally the day came on which we, the German delegation, “Yokozo - Welcome” were saying.
After a few lucky already had arrived in Berlin and with our Japanese “Furendos” through the city had met on Friday afternoon next to the rest of the clan, two familiar faces from last year, namely, Here and Milli A. Together we went forward to an exciting weekend in a separate bus to Ravensbrück, where a welcoming hostel we expected.

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Day in Berlin

On Friday, we met in Berlin. Katja, Yvonne, Dima and I had gone breakfast, after that we walked to the Hotel, where the Japanese girls and boys stayed. The Japanese boys were already ready. So Katja and I decided to go with them. We went by subway to the Jewish museum and stayed there a while. » Weiterlesen

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