Likki 2008-2019

I have never looked up the Kanji to write ‘Omiyage’, but among the countless precious discoveries that our 2008 exchange held in store for us was the observation that omiyage meant more than just ‘souvenir’. As ‘omiyage’ our hosts, the Japanese delegation, had prepared a CD with a thoughtful selection of their favourite songs for us. » Weiterlesen

Yuri 2008-2018 (Japanese delegation)

I still remember those two weeks as if it was yesterday. I was not good at English and social behavior and I participated in the program to break out of my shell at the time. I was worried about what I would like to study at my university but I could not find the answer.

Through the program I met wonderful friends. When I got sick during the program, I was in trouble because I lost my belongings but someone help me. After two weeks, I was able to get over it with the help of my teammate’s compassionate personalities.

While in Berlin at a facility for Turkish immigrant children I found the importance of learning. it is necessary for the children/us to use studying as a tool in order to open up a future of their/our own.

Although the distance is far away, the heart is always near everyone. I met wonderful friends, I grew up learning good points from each and every one. I am sincerely grateful to them.

Dima 2008-2018

Japan 2008. How fast ten years pass by…

To say that the Japan-German exchange put my life onto a different trajectory wouldn‘t be too much of a stretch. Even though these were just two weeks, I was exposed to a completely new culture, continent and ancient history. A couple of people that I got to know then are still among my closest friends a decade later. I met some of the Germans and Japanese again in far flung places as Korea, Poland and Namibia, at weddings and New Year parties.
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Anne 2008-2018

How should I begin… I was surprised how fast the last 10 years passed by. So much has changed around us, but inside it seems like it was yesterday that we met and went on this journey to Japan.
I am grateful for the opportunity given by the Japanese-German Center Berlin.

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Kai 2008-2018

It is now 10 Years ago since my first visit in Japan.
I had a wonderful stay with our group in Japan and get to know the country very well.

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