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16. Purikura (Yvonne)

Take a picture in a typical Japanese photomachine (Purikura) with at least 5 people on the picture.

by Yvonne

This was also one of my favourite tasks and I fulfulled it several times (not always with 5 people) but one time I counted 15 people in one photo box. I got some really funny pictures.

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15. Green Tea (Kai)

Enjoy green tea with delicious Japanese sweets.

by Kai

I had the chance to taste some real Japanese green tea with very sweet sweets during our tea ceremony. I haven`t found a picture of it but from our tea sensei. I also tried green tea icecream.

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14. Pippi Longstocking (Sammy)

Walk around Tokyo for 5 minutes with Pippi Longstocking pony tails and take a picture of it.

by Sammy

I even walked around 6 or 7 minutes with Pippi Longstocking pony tails around Tokyo and I had lots of fun.

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13. Order Sushi (Sindy)

Order Sushi in Japanese.

by Sindy

I did so when we bought Sushi, Origini and Sandwiches for our last party together with our Japanese guides in Osaka. I love Sushi.

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12. Sake (Simon)

Drink one glass of Sake and take a picture.

by Simon

I only have a picture of a Sake shelf so far but I drank Sake on two occasions: during our dinner in Tokyo and in Soni at a dinner party. I hope I will get the picture soon.

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