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11. Tower of Tokyo (Jul)

Take a picture from a tower or high building in Tokyo.

by Jul

On my last night in Tokyo I went with Katja at 10pm up to a fabulous platform in Shinjuku government building. The view from up there was amazing.

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10. Manga-picture (Anne)

Take a picture with a living Manga-figure.

by Anne

This wasn`t an easy task because I did not see many people that were dressed up. This was a dancing group.

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9. Buddha position (Katja)

Take a picture with one or more people in front of a tempel in the “Buddha position”.

by Katja

We saw many temples and shrines in Japan and on this day I was wearing pants so I could take these pictures together with Jul.

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8. Pose in front of a sight worth seeing (Jojo)

Take a picture of you posing in front of a famous sight.

by Jojo

Lots of posing pictures.

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7. 100 Yen Shop (Ines)

Go shopping in a 100 Yen shop!

by Ines

I had lots of fun with this task. I went in this big 100 Yen Shop in Harajuku with four floors and discovered all kinds of things. I spent way to much money.

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