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Auswertungsgespräch in Nara und Osaka

After the tearful resignation of the host families in Nara we had to prepare in the evening time the appraisal conversation. Weiterlesen

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14.-16. 9. Gastfamilienwochenende Jul

Saturday, 4o’clock in the afternoon: We met our host families for the first time. With a funny game (every one of us had to test some object in a box) we got connected.

Alex and I have been picked up by our hostmam and she drove us to her house. Weiterlesen

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14.-16. 9. Homestay Jojo

On Saturday 13th September around 4pm we were waiting with excitement to meet our hostfamily. We had a little get together and then we finally wanted to know who is staying with whom. Therefore, each Japanese family brought a carton with an object inside and we had to feel our way to the right object to find our family. Weiterlesen

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14.-16. 9. Gastfamilienwochenende Sindy

After the visit of the very nice Onsen-Bad, we went to our guest families.
Our dad “Kiyonasa NUKUI” and our mum “Miyuki NUKUI”, their son “Hidetsugu NUKUI”, their daughter “Maki NUKUI” and other family members were welcoming us very heartily in their wonderful Japanese home.

We went to bed after telling everything about us. We slept on Japanese mats. At the next day we were visiting Nara. We saw the most important buildings and probably all of the shrines and temples they have ;)
This evening, we also saw the “Lichterfest” at the lake.
Tired, but with amazing impressions we went to our sleeping mats.

On the last we surprised our guest family with the gifts we had for them. The family was very happy about the things from Germany. Even my clock with the crest of Gießen found its place in the kitchen.
After the breakfast we were going around the neighborhood for the last time, tried on some Kimonos and made a lot goodbye pictures.
It was a really nice weekend, which Yvonne and I will have in our minds for a long time.


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15. 09. - Homestay von Alexandra

After a long night we got up at 7 o’clock in the morning. We wore our B clothes and have breakfast with our host family. Punctually at 8.30 o’clock our host father left the house and go to his work. In this company works the father, his son and his daughter-in-law. Weiterlesen

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