Dima 2008-2018

Japan 2008. How fast ten years pass by…

To say that the Japan-German exchange put my life onto a different trajectory wouldn‘t be too much of a stretch. Even though these were just two weeks, I was exposed to a completely new culture, continent and ancient history. A couple of people that I got to know then are still among my closest friends a decade later. I met some of the Germans and Japanese again in far flung places as Korea, Poland and Namibia, at weddings and New Year parties.

Professionally, the intense preparation course allows me to deal with Japanese diplomats and negotiate grant agreements with JICA representatives. Personally, I benefited immensely from exploring the differential societal implications in Japan and Germany from the committed crimes during the Second World War.

Japan 2008. Without that two week long exchange programm, I wouldn‘t have returned three more times to Japan, I wouldn‘t have spend most of my professional career all over Asia, I wouldn‘t have met some of my dearest friends.

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